Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rachel's Wedding Reception Paper Suite

I'm showing you custom pieces from Rachel's Wedding Reception paper suite.  The suite includes:  A Bride and Groom chair sign, (I'm only showing the Bride's chair sign).  A favor table sign, a sign to be used with a flip flop display near the dance floor. And a sign to be used along with a photo booth.

This is the Bride's chair sign. Rachel selected Chiavari chairs for her reception, so this sign was made to fit nicely on the back side of a Chiavari chair.  This style chair has posts on either side of the back that are perfect for tying on ribbon.  This sign is made in two parts.  First is the background frame, and on top of that a layered piece with the word "Bride."  The ribbon for tying is a fat 2.5" wide and is a soft light  cream color.

I made two different styles of signs for Rachel's favor table.  The Favor table is a ten foot banquet style that will feature beautiful favor bags filled with treats.  
This first table sign is a Flat 8.5" x 11.0"
Holding this sign is a plate stand I happen to have handy for the photograph.
I decided while I was designing these signs that they would work best with Rachel's reception decor if kept to one color and minimum design changes.  There are always such a beautiful variety of colors used during a reception with the flowers, and the food, the table cloths, etc., that I thought it would be best not to try and  compete with all of the other colors being featured. 

This is the second choice of Favor Table sign.  This is a bit smaller: 4.75" x 6.75"
Two signs of this size would be sufficient for a ten foot table.

Here is a great big sign for Rachel to use for her Photo Booth.
This is a very generous 10.75" x 13.75"
Again, I'm showing this sign to you with a soft 2.5" ribbon that would be perfect for hanging this sign.
Notice I have continued to pull the same design theme throughout.

 Sign to display along with the box of Flip Flops.
I realized while uploading these photos that I have misspelled the "Sole" in the Sole Mates.
I guess I'm always thinking in terms of true love-and this is just how it comes out.
But, I will correct the spelling.
This sign is kind of a chubby (almost) square.  I thought the dimensions would be nice to work with a box.
The dimensions are: 7.75" x 8.0"

I enjoyed making these signs for you!
Please, let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Business Stationery For Blue Day Designs

Hello!  Here is the revised version of Blue Day Design's professional stationery.

This is the front of the note card.  This note card is a 5" x 5" square, with the design printed 
on pure white card stock.
I like this size better than the smaller note card.  I use this shape and size mostly for children's stationery pieces-so it seems very appropriate for Emma to use in her business.
Blue Day Designs specializes in children's portraits and personalized children's art.

This is the back side of this card.  I reduced the logo to 1.5" from the original 2" in diameter,
and centered on the back.

Behind the note card is the size of square envelope that works with this size note card.
I mentioned that I design mostly children's stationery on this square card stock, so the only colors I have to show you for the envelopes are pink, blue, or lavender.  I can easily order the color of envelope to match this note card.   The card stock and envelope color choices are:  Pure White (This note card sample is printed on pure white),  Soft White, (The same color card stock as Emma's own personalized stationery.  If you hold your own stationery I made for you (soft white) next to a piece of printer paper (pure white) you can see the difference).  Or Soft Creme.

I love this chubby square envelope.  It has a very nice long, pointy, back flap.
Again, I will print on whichever color you choose, and the envelopes will match your card stock color.  I'm only showing so you know what the envelope looks like. 
This size envelope costs a teeny bit more US postage.  Our typical letter postage is 44 cents.  This size envelope costs 64 cents to mail.  It's considered over-sized.
Please let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Business Stationery for Blue Day designs

Emma is the designer and owner of Blue Day Designs; an Etsy shop that specializes in children's portraits and personalized children's art.  Very cute!  You should take a look.  These are a few samples of business stationery for Emma to review.

This is a post card with the Blue Day Designs logo and return address on the front left.  The stamp would go on the front right, with the receiver's name and address in the middle.
I'm certain everyone  already knows how to address a post card-just a little perspective.
This is cover weight card stock, custom cut to fit the US post card guidelines for size.
Dimensions: 6" long x 4.25" wide
Card stock color: Soft Creme
Click on any of these photos to make them larger and see more detail

This is the backside of the same post card.  The Blue Day Designs logo that includes Emma's Etsy shop address and her business email are printed on the backside of the post card at the bottom right corner.
This back logo image is slightly smaller than the front logo so Emma has plenty of room to write her message.

This is sample for Emma of the same logos, but printed on a folded note card.
This is the front of the note card.

This is the back side of the folded note.
These samples are printed on cover stock weight card stock.  The folded note card stock I use is prefolded, so the folds are perfect.  And the cards fit nicely into the matching envelope.
Dimensions: 5" x 7" folded note.
This card stock is soft creme in color, with the Blue Day Designs logo centered in the middle, 
and 2" in diameter.

This is the exact same design, only printed on pure white card stock.
I hope you can tell the difference in the card stock color.

Here is the same design again, printed on pure white card stock.
These note cards all come with matching blank envelopes.
Please, let me know your thoughts.
I am glad to make any changes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tags for Verdigris Containers

Lisa is planning on using these terrific verdigris containers as decoration for her wedding reception coming up very soon.  She very kindly sent me a copy of her wedding ceremony invitation to get a feeling of her wedding theme, designs, and colors.  After seeing her invitation, I was able to duplicate the colors and feeling of her wedding paper as closely as possible while making these sweet little message tags.
Lisa's wedding suite stationery was prepared using creme linen card stock.  With that in mind, I used soft creme, text weight paper-and mounted this sample on another soft creme cover stock paper as a backing.
Then added a antique creme colored satin ribbon to tie the tag onto the container.  
This option is very subtle and elegant, and uses all of
 Lisa's wedding and reception colors: Green, Brown, and Orange.
This is a container and sign for Lisa's Head Table, or for one of her wedding Party tables.

This is another option prepared with the same color palette of Green, Brown, and Orange for the tag's wording, printed on soft creme text weight paper, and mounted on a dark brown cover stock paper.
I used a much thinner dark brown satin ribbon to tie this sign on to the verdi container.
(Just happens to be what I have on-hand).
This option is darker overall, and gives a  more dramatic effect. 
This is the tag to use for the table with cloth, quests will decorate for Lisa and Ryan to have as a sweet memory of their wedding day.  
The verdigris buckets will be filled with crayons for guests to use to create their designs for the couple.

I'm showing you both tags in the creme color palette.
The green used in Lisa's wedding ceremony invitation had a little bit of blue in it-a little too much for me to be able to use any mossy or chartreuse green colors in either the font color used for the tags, or the tag's backing.  Instead, I duplicated the font color from the ceremony invitation for these tags.

Here are the tags using the brown backing and brown satin ribbon.
The little orange flowers show up nicely when mixed with the brown backing and ribbon.
The size of each of these tags is about 3" x 3" and the ribbon about 34" long, 
so you will have plenty of ribbon to tie any way you like.
I enjoyed making these!
Let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Note Cards - Client Favorites for Spring 2010

This is a very exciting Spring Season  for both myself and Ink Stationery Studio. I've worked on so many new and inspiring projects with my clients.
Clients are loving bright, bold, colors that pop right off of the card stock.  Bright pink, turquoise blue, chartreuse green, oranges, yellows, and French red, (one of my all-time favorite colors).
The designs themselves are traditional, whimsical, romantic, classic, and regal.  That makes it  easy to select a style that embodies your own personality, then add  your monogram, initial, or full name, to create your own personal statement.
These are all folded note cards of either white or creme card stock.  They all come with an equal number of same color envelopes.  Except the last - it is a 5" x 7" flat card.
Let me know what you like the best!
Bright Floral Border Corners

French Script with Dottie Border and French Red Crown
(This photo does not do this card justice.  It looks really cute in person)

Preppy Polka Dots

Color Fun
Add your 4-5 favorite colors

Black Tie
Elegant Icon with Script Font

Large Sophisticated Script Letter
Creme Card Stock and Dark Navy Ink

Large Script Letter with Envelope to match.
(Matches the card stock and ink colors used for Bonnie's
wedding suite stationery).

Turquoise Coral with Block Monogram
This is a flat 5" x 7" card in a soft, dreamy, white
(This card also looks much more bright and snappy in person)
I will never  be a great photographer.

I went ahead and placed names or monograms on the styles I thought may "fit" the best for each recipient.
They are all easily changed to be more suitable.
Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Message Cards and Baskets for Bonnie's Reception

Here are the colors I have you may like.
Left to Right: Moss Green, Lake Blue, White, Red, Chartreuse, and Turquoise 
I think you are right, and yellow would be good with this color assortment.  I looked around this morning and found pastel yellow or a bright yellow card stock that could be used.  I really think a golden yellow would work best.  If I am able to find the right color yellow, I'll make that color of message card for you also.
Pick you colors.

I have two different baskets that may work for the koozies.
This is a golden natural color.
Dimensions: 15" L  X  13" W
I have two of theses baskets.  We would place one at each bar location.

I only have one of these  red baskets.
This one will work if you only have the koozies at one bar location.
Dimensions: 12" L X 10" W
Whichever basket you select, I'm making a sign to hang
along the side of the basket.
As soon as you select a basket, I'll get the sign made and post for you to view.
Let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Reception Message Cards for Bonnie

Message cards for wedding guests to write a note to the bride and groom.
I did this in one design, with the option to print them in several colors.
Colors are: red, turquoise, chartreuse, white, and creme.
These could also be printed on all one color card stock.
Like all creme, or all white, or all turquoise.
The size is 3.5" W x 4" L
The over-sized quotation marks just seemed like the right choice for friends and family 
to leave a written message inside.  Decorative, but understated.

This is the sign to go with these cards.  
Lets quests know what to do.
This is a 4" x 6" card of soft creme (the sunshine makes it appear white), 
with dark navy ink.

Here is an idea for you.  Yes, I have cigar boxes in these bright colors.
I think it would take two.  Stacked on top of each other for the height.
The table sign is being held by a silver ball style sign holder.
(A "frame" style may be better).
  But, whichever is used-we will need to try and use the same style or close as possible for all 
of the signs.
Of course, a clear glass bowl, or a copper bowl like the one being used for your
 flower petals would also be very nice to hold the messages. 
Let me know what you think, please.